Muslim Legacy Fund | Established 2022

Working together to build a healthy, vibrant Muslim community in Canada.

At Muslim Legacy Fund, we are dedicated to institutionalizing a purpose-driven approach to funding charitable initiatives within the Muslim community.

How it Works

Through an endowment, or waqf, model, our objective is to cultivate a portfolio of funds that appreciate over time. The generated profits from these investments will be directed towards grants supporting various community projects.

Our overarching aim is to nurture a growth-oriented and independent mindset within the Muslim community, ultimately fostering a positive contribution to society at large.

Donations Raised

$206,595 of $200,000 raised

Founders' Fund

The Founders’ Fund is a one-time, $1000 donation opportunity for community members to become a Founder of the Muslim Legacy Fund. The returns generated from this Fund are tied to operational needs of the organization. The asset base may be used for operations.

Community Fund

The Community Fund is a diverse fund designed to support the growing needs of registered Muslim charities with special attention to the following areas – Mosques, education, women and children, anti-poverty, refugee settlement and the environment.

Grant Opportunities

Exciting opportunities await with the upcoming grant opportunities from Muslim Legacy Fund. Stay tuned as we prepare to empower impactful projects within the Muslim Community. Be ready to seize the chance to make a difference and bring positive change.

Working with Our Community