Muslim Legacy Fund

Our Funds

Welcome to the Muslim Legacy Funds page, where you can become a part of something impactful and enduring. At Muslim Legacy Funds, we are dedicated to empowering our community and fostering a lasting legacy through meaningful contributions and initiatives.

Currently, we offer two distinct opportunities for individuals to get involved and make a difference, the Founders’ Fund and the Community Fund.

Muslim Legacy Fund

Founders’ Fund

The Founders’ Fund is a one-time, $1000 donation opportunity for community members to become a Founder of the Muslim Legacy Fund.

The returns generated from this Fund are tied to operational needs of the organization. The asset base may be used for operations. 

Muslim Legacy Fund

Community Fund

The Community Fund is a diverse fund designed to support the growing needs of registered Muslim charities.

While all charitable causes are eligible for support, we intend provide special attention to the following areas – Mosques, education, women and children, anti-poverty, refugee settlement and the environment. We will do this while ensuring we are in compliance with federal guidelines as a registered Canadian foundation.

While supporting Muslim charities is our primary focus, we hope to be in a position to support additional organizations based in the broader community in the future.