Working together to build a healthy, vibrant Muslim community in Canada.


Muslim Legacy Fund is a purpose-driven foundation looking to institutionalize the process by which we fund charitable work in the Muslim community. Using an endowment, or waqf, model we intend to build a group of funds that grow in value over time. The profits from these invested assets are then used for grants to support community projects. Our larger goal is to foster the development of a growth and independence mindset within the Muslim community, leading to a net positive contribution by Muslims to society at large. Let’s achieve our potential!

The Muslim community in Manitoba is over one hundred years old. Our community continues to grow, adding more requirements to the operations of our existing organizations. The Muslim Legacy Fund is a great way for our community to build for the future of our families and our children. The waqf (endowment) will provide much needed capital to organizations in our community in areas of charitable, educational, and cultural purposes. I fully support the Muslim Legacy Fund and ask that you join me in doing so as well.

– Mr. Abdo (Albert) ElTassi
C.M., OM, LL.D

Muslim Legacy Fund is a much-needed service for the growing Muslim Community in Manitoba. Muslim Manitobans are facing family and social challenges that require professional, culturally, and spiritually compatible services. The foundation's focus on supporting and enhancing these areas of services is visionary- filling a gap and enhancing the well-being of the Muslim community.

– Shahina Siddiqui

Our community needs an endowment fund (waqf) that can broadly support the long-term financial needs of the Muslim community. I am happy to see the development and launch of the Muslim Legacy Fund. I strongly encourage all members of our community to support this project.

– Ismael Mukhtar
Author of Manitoba Muslims, a History of Resilience and Growth.